Mobility for All

Mobility for All works to accelerate the implementation of equitable and sustainable mobility solutions throughout Washington. Our vision for the future includes the adoption of autonomous, connected, electric, and shared vehicle technology in a manner that improves people’s lives. In 2022, Mobility for All was awarded a WSDOT grant to establish an electric carshare service on Bainbridge Island. Working with the City of Bainbridge Island and Zero Emission Vehicle Cooperative this service is launching in May of 2023.

Mobility for All’s mission is to:

• Minimize reliance on single occupancy vehicles and increase shared-use alternatives.

• Champion zero emission modes.

• Foster interconnectivity of all modes of travel/transportation (i.e. pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle, transit, and other).

• Advocate for and support existing Kitsap Transit (and other regional) operations.

• Serve as an example of effective community engagement and solution-focused action.