A unique Bainbridge Island tradition, One Call for All started in 1960 when a few forward-thinking Islanders decided to combine the individual fund appeals of multiple nonprofit organizations into one annual mail drive.

Every October, Red Envelopes appear in our mailboxes and Islanders know this is the time to donate to our favorite local nonprofits. (Despite this history, you can donate at any time! Contributions are accepted year-round!)

The diversity of nonprofit organizations operating on Bainbridge reflects the breadth of our interests and concerns. These groups connect each of us to others who share our values, forming a strong foundation for a healthy, vibrant community. Your support of One Call for All will continue to enhance the quality of life on our island.

We still adhere to the values established by the wise Islanders who founded One Call for All. One hundred percent of your donation that is received still goes to the agencies you choose.

Each of the recipient agencies would like to thank the Island residents who support One Call for All. We welcome all new Island residents to help build our community through giving to One Call for All.

If you have any questions about One Call for All, please contact us.