I’m nearly a life-long Bainbridge resident (moved here in 1972 when my dad got a job as Principal at Blakely School). Of course, as one grows up, you’ve got to “get off the rock” and I did — with time in Bellingham, California, Seattle and Poulsbo, but finally came back “home” when it was time for my kids to be in school.

My husband Steve Thomas and I founded our little company Oneicity (like felicity or authenticity) in 2008. We are a boutique advertising agency, currently serving about 10 clients, all faith-based nonprofits located all outside of the area (the closest in Everett or Tacoma). In addition, two years ago, we founded a consulting partnership, where we work with small businesses and other nonprofits (this company is just slowly getting started).

Steve and I live in a little 1958 rambler in Winslow that is currently undergoing a remodel. So we, and our two dogs and two cats, are enjoying our tight quarters and looking forward to the summer when the remodel is complete (and the sun is out!).

I love One Call for All. I always look forward to receiving my red envelope and deciding which charities to give to.