Compassionate Listening Project

“The Compassionate Listening Project has been working locally and globally for 30 years to empower individuals and communities to transform conflict and create cultures of peace and healing. We offer online trainings and free Compassion Circles, facilitator certification, and immersion healing Journeys to Alabama and to Israel and Palestine. Compassionate Listening accesses our deepest wisdom to transform separation and conflict into an opportunity for connection, healing and peace.

It is:
• A personal practice – to cultivate self awareness, self regulation and wisdom
• A skill set – to enhance interpersonal relations and navigate challenging conversations
• A process – to help people and groups to bridge their differences and transform conflict
• A healing gift – to people who feel marginalized or in pain

We have 45 certified facilitators and have trained thousands of people around the world and our curricula and practices are integrated into schools, universities, businesses and spiritual communities.”