Board of Directors Resources

Our Board meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

To send an email to the entire board at their preferred email address, write to

Board Roster: OCFA Board of Directors 2022

Operating Budget, 2022: OCFA 2022 Operating Budget

Board Priorities, Yearly Calendar: One Call for All Campaign Year Calendar

By-Laws: One Call for All Bylaws 2017

Board Job Description: Board Job Description 2017

Strategic Plan, 2018-19: Strategic Plan 2018

Strategic Plan, 2019-2020: Strategic Plan 2019

Strategic Plan, 2020-2021: Strategic Plan 2020

Strategic Plan, 2021-2022 Strategic Plan 2021

Other Policies and Forms:

OCFA Gift Acceptance Policy

Board Commitment 2022

Conflict of Interest – Policy Statement

Ethics Statement

Confidentiality Statement

Endowment Policy Statement

Financial Policies Statement updates 2021