Bainbridge Youth Services

Since 1962 Bainbridge Youth Services (BYS) has been working to ignite hope and promote and support the emotional and social well-being of youth and to help them build strengths through a variety of free programs and services. BYS offers free, confidential and professional mental health counseling to youth 12-21, free peer tutoring for all ages, summer employment internships and career exploration, a leadership program, Lead From Within, to help young people strengthen their own well-being so they can support others in doing the same and a Diversion program which is a restorative justice program that diverts juvenile offenders out of the court system to meet with a community accountability board. BYS is working to attain the aspirational vision that, by 2025, all graduating high school seniors on Bainbridge Island will score “highly hopeful” on the Healthy Youth Survey Children’s Hope Scale.