Bainbridge Student Loan Fund

Bainbridge Student Loan Fund is a local, non-profit corporation founded over 50 years ago to help local students to pay for their post-secondary education costs. Students can apply for (3) $3500 loans during their higher education years for a total of $10,500. Loans are interest free until the students complete their higher educations. Repayment of these loans begins five months after the students end their full time enrollment and carry a 4% interest rate for a period of three years. Repayment options include (36) equal payments, (35) minimum payments with a 36th balloon balance payment, or a single payment of the full amount. Bainbridge Student Loan Fund currently has (13) students enrolled in school with approximately $67,000 of loans and (9) former students with loans in repayment with a total outstanding balance of $46,000. Loan applications for the current school year are available at and close on June 30th.