WEAVE Presents

Based out of Rolling Bay Hall, WEAVE Presents is a nonprofit performing arts and education organization that values curiosity, connection, and collaboration by showcasing our local independent arts community and inviting audiences to celebrate the multi-racial, multi-ethnic roots of American culture. America was woven from beautiful threads of varying colors and traditions. WEAVE Presents brings this fabric to life. We attract curious minds with our intimate atmosphere, intentional performances, and well-poured cocktails. We entice performance artists with our hospitality, great sound, and fair compensation. We foster new connections and strengthen our friendships while sharing music, theatre and community. Our unique programming honors the diverse communities that built this country and continue to make it strong and vibrant. Together we can begin to realize the ideals that make America an experiment worth fighting for. Supporting WEAVE advances social and economic justice in our own community.

Website: weavepresents.org