Bainbridge Food Forest

The Bainbridge Food Forest is a:

Edible public park open to all ages and demographics
Community powered, co-created hub delivering hands-on experiences to grow ideas and inspire curiosity in children and adults
Living classroom and shared space to implement regenerative local food production and innovative concepts in habitat preservation and restoration
Sanctuary free for all to gather, nourish, explore, and share o Replicable model for year-round food security and equitable distribution of locally grown, nutritious, and fresh food

We envision:

Ever-evolving natural landscapes attractive to native plants, animals, and insects
A stream alive with salmon and trout o A place for recreation and reflection
A place to implement new ideas and technology for optimal land and water management
Networked leadership guiding community-driven programs, management, and maintenance
A source of local food to stock emergency preparedness hubs and local food banks