Teen Talking Circles

“Girl’s Circle saved my life” – Zosia, past Circle participant. Even though we’ve been hearing back from young people for over 26 years, we are still humbled every time a participant tells us that being in a circle saved their life. Teen Talking Circles are safe spaces where youth can tell the truth about their lives, look at the issues they’re living with, realize they’re not alone, and practice the essential skills necessary to create and maintain healthy and thriving relationships throughout their lives. With the expert assistance of teens, we also provide workshops and trainings for adults to lead teen talking circles in their own organizations and communities. Recognized as a pioneer in modern circle methodology, TTC has been incorporated into schools, hospitals, organizations, community centers, after-school programs, and youth-serving organizations worldwide. Dedicated to adapting to our ever-changing world, we cultivate a connected, confidential, and inclusive space, in-person or online.

Website: www.teentalkingcircles.org