Teen Talking Circles

“My teen girl talking circle saved my life” –Talina Wood, President of the TTC Board of Directors For 26 years, Teen Talking Circles has been a pioneer in modern circle methodology. We provide teenagers with a safe space to tell their truth, discover their gifts and strengths, and create healthy, empowered, relationships with self and others using Compassionate Listening practice and relationship building skills. With the expert assistance of teens, we provide workshops and trainings for adults to lead teen talking circles in their own organizations and communities. “Teen Talking Circles belong in the category of what we call the intangibles. Love is an intanglible. You can’t see or measure intangibles like you can see or measure a building or monument. The intangibles live inside us and are at the root of what is most important of all.”– Eric Liu, Citizen University; Senior Law Lecturer at the University of Washington School of Law

Website: www.teentalkingcircles.org