Teen Talking Circles

One of the most powerful gifts we can give our youth is a safe space to speak their truth. A space where youth can tell the truth about their lives, look at the issues they’re living with, realize they’re not alone, and practice the essential skills necessary to create and maintain healthy and thriving relationships throughout their lives. Teen Talking Circles has provided this crucial space to youth in the Kitsap County community since 1993. Circles transform youth by establishing a framework of emotional and relational skills. Our participants bear witness to each other as full human beings, discover the wholeness in themselves, and learn to relate to the world around them inclusively rather than exclusively. We also provide teen & family workshops, community events, and training for Circle Facilitators across the country and around the world. We pledge to cultivate a connected, confidential, and inclusive space for all youth.

Website: www.teentalkingcircles.org