Hyla School

Hyla School provides an interdisciplinary, personalized, and experiential program for grades 6-12. Thirty years strong, we believe that each developmental stage of adolescence comes with distinct gifts, needs, and inspiring potential. Our work with students is infused with optimism and appreciation for adolescence. We challenge and support the dynamic transformation of these years with redefined rigor and caring community. Hyla teachers truly know their students and personalize learning to propel growth. On our 13-acre Bucklin Hill campus, middle schoolers develop independence, voice, and critical thinking through our challenging and hands-on curriculum, joyful learning, and community traditions. At our high school campus in Winslow, students turn intellectual curiosity and courage into action and impact through interdisciplinary coursework and immersive experiences integrated with the surrounding community. Hyla values personal development as much as academic growth, and integrity as much as achievement. We are a close-knit community of respect, inclusion, and service.

Website: www.hylamiddleschool.org