Hyla School

Hyla School provides an academically challenging, experiential, and personalized program for grades 6-12 on two campuses. Our unique signature programs – including travel learning, Electives, and advanced options – provide students with a wide range of learning experiences to develop their intellectual curiosity, identity, and voice. Hyla provides an empowering and nurturing environment to support student growth and propel their academic journey. At our middle school campus, students can embrace the joys of childhood while gaining essential skills to tackle high school with confidence. For over 30 years, students who attend Hyla for middle school have moved into high school as leaders, well-prepared for their future. At our upper school campus in Winslow, we offer a variety of advanced and college-level options, ensuring that each student’s unique journey toward success is aligned to their personal interests and aspirations. Academically and socially, Hyla prepares students to launch with purpose and momentum. We host tours and admissions events throughout the year.

Website: www.hylamiddleschool.org