BARN — Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network

BARN is a makerspace and learning place. BARN features ten well-equipped workshops where people of all ages and skill levels learn from one another while working on personal and community service projects. These projects include helping local nonprofit who needs something built or made. With your gift, multiplied by BARN staff and volunteers, helps fund needed community service projects like:

Build a Tiny House for the Low Income Housing Institute
Help students build a new ball bin for Hyla School
Create a reception desk for the Bainbridge Historical Society
Handcraft a wood bench for Eagle Harbor Congregational Church
Bake pies for the annual Bike for Pie event

Your gift will keep BARN’s community center for artisans and makers open to everyone who would like to take a class, work on a project, or share their knowledge. You’ll unlock an Island’s-worth of nonprofits, craftsmen, artisans, and makers!