BARN — Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network

BARN — Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network is a maker space and a learning place. BARN features 10 well-equipped workshops where people of all ages and skill levels learn from one another while working on personal and community service projects. We offer classes in everything from woodworking, glass arts, metalworking, printmaking and cooking to building robots and using 3D printers. It’s a place to build a kayak, make a necklace, weave a rug, learn to code, or experiment with spices. With our growing online classes, a person can craft an art book or write a novel, become a podcaster or refine photography skills. BARN now offers a nine-month Certificate of Craft program in jewelry-making, to prepare people for opportunities in the jewelry industry. BARN has risen creatively to the challenges of the pandemic, providing thousands of meals, face masks, and PPE parts to those who needed them.