Bainbridge Island Amateur Radio Club

Bainbridge Island Amateur Radio Club (BARC) welcomes licensed ham radio operators and unlicensed individuals interested in learning about radio communications for fun and for emergency preparedness. We offer radio operator training, including FCC-licensing preparation and examination, a weekly informal “Amateur Hour” net, monthly presentations, and a monthly breakfast meeting. BARC members provide communications for community events such as the Chilly Hilly bicycle rally and the Rotary Auction. The club is affiliated with the Bainbridge Island Emergency Auxiliary Radio Service (BEARS) and Kitsap County Auxiliary Radio Service (KARS). Most club members are registered emergency workers through Bainbridge Island Emergency Management and/or the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management. BARC supports the Bainbridge Island “Map Your Neighborhood” program, encouraging neighbors to become licensed hams and to learn to communicate effectively during an emergency. BARC operates the W7NPC radio repeater, enabling island-wide UHF amateur radio communications.