One Heart Wild Therapeutic Sanctuary

One Heart Wild models a community of care that inspires healing, compassion, and advocacy with empathy for all life on earth. Our mission is to promote the health, well-being, and welfare of humans, animals, and nature through mutually beneficial relationships. The human – animal – nature connection is widely understood as having the capacity to improve social-emotional skills, emotional regulation, mindfulness, nonverbal communication, provide meaningful balance to our obsession with technology, and to improve human health and well being. One Heart Wild provides novel approaches to expressing one’s best self through the following nature based programs; Animal/Equine Assisted Self Development and Psychotherapy services, Animal Sanctuary Volunteer Program, Animals & Empathy Outreach for schools, and ROOTS Institute Animal Assisted Services certification. OHW serves homeless teens, families impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), veteran and active duty personnel, people wanting time with animals, nature, and healing opportunities outside a standard office setting.