Knights Community Hospital Equipment Lend Program (KC HELP)

Knights Community Hospital Equipment Lend Program (KC HELP), a non-religious organization comprised entirely of men and woman volunteers, provides free standard hospital room equipment for people to use in their home, such as hospital type beds, over the bed tables, lift chairs, wheelchairs, transfer benches, bath and shower chairs and portable bathroom equipment from our Bainbridge Island warehouse. Unfortunately, Senior Centers as well as hospitals, have curtailed their storage and delivery of durable medical equipment as other priorities have surfaced. Layoffs, decreasing company benefit programs, and rising medical costs have also created a challenge for those members of our community who are coming home from surgery or suffering from an injury or illness. Hardship occurs and we are trying to lessen it by setting up durable medical equipment in our client’s home at no cost. We will help deliver setup, and pickup all types of durable medical equipment if there are no friends or family available to assist.