Indipino Community of Bainbridge Island & Vicinity

The Indipino Community of Bainbridge Island and Vicinity’s purpose is to create educational resources for BISD schools, BI libraries and the BI Historical Museum. Resources may include exhibits, text, films and in-person or zoom presentations for classrooms and community organizations. All resources will include the history and culture of the Indipino Community, Filipino American Community and Indigenous communities. Our mission is provide a forum for respectful communication that promotes a deeper understanding of mixed-heritage identity construction. In the early 1940s, 36 Indigenous women, from 19 different tribes migrated from Washington, Alaska and BC Canada to Bainbridge Island and married Filipino immigrants. Our research includes the impact of war, legislation and social conditions that influence cultural community development. We collaborate with BISD, Islandwood, Kitsap Regional Library, the Bainbridge Historical Museum and the City of Bainbridge Island to promote cultural and historical programs, presentations, events and exhibits.