Friends of the Farms

The mission of Friends of the Farms is to preserve and enhance local agriculture, increase farmland, and support the farming community. We create an environment where local agriculture can flourish by managing 60 acres of publicly-owned farmland, providing affordable housing for farm interns, connecting farmers with landowners, and advocating the community-wide social and economic value of local farms and food. We work to create system-level change for long-term impact through: • Permanent protection of the agricultural land base • Affordable housing and farmable land for the agricultural community • Public and private investment in infrastructure and commercial services • Committed local government, food-related businesses, and institutions • Informed food citizens through a multi-disciplinary approach to food studies for children and adults • Connecting human health with a farm-driven diet • Experimentation, innovation, and education to attract the best and brightest of the next generation of farmers and food producers