Friends of the Farms

Our mission is to ensure the future of local farming, and build a healthier community through a resilient and equitable food ecosystem. For 20 we have worked to ensure:

• An abundance of thriving local farms and local food purveyors, creating jobs and supporting living wages
• A growing next generation of local farmers and businesses with equitable access to farming opportunities
• A community in which all are equipped to make informed food choices and have access to locally grown, seasonal, nutritious food
• An enhancement of ecological vitality through healthy farm ecosystems
• A culturally diverse farming community honoring our local agricultural heritage

Current programs include:
• Constructing new, sustainably built, affordable housing for farm interns
• Managing 60-acres of publicly owned farmland for the City of Bainbridge Island
• A modern-day Victory Garden with 100% of produce donated to Helpline House
• Partnering with Island School on student curricula around native food plants and environmental stewardship