Filipino American Community of Bainbridge Island & Vicinity

Built in 1928 by the Bainbridge Island Fair Association, the Filipino Community Hall has been used and maintained by the Filipino American Community since 1943. Formerly a receiving site for the National Canning Company during strawberry season, the Hall is now primarily used as a meeting and event center for residents of Bainbridge Island & Vicinity. The Hall was accepted into the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. Incorporated in 1990, the Filipino Community of Bainbridge Island & Vicinity (aka Fil-Am) maintains and uses the hall to practice and preserve the cultures, customs, and traditions of the founders. The hall is available for rent and is used by many community organizations. Fil-Am supports other non-profits and individuals in need through volunteerism. Our mission is to encourage and bestow these values to our families and friends for continued support of the community.