Bainbridge Island Land Trust

The Bainbridge Island Land Trust’s mission is to conserve and steward the diverse natural environments of Bainbridge Island for the benefit of all. To achieve its conservation goals, the Land Trust acquires interests in lands having significant or potentially significant conservation values such as shorelines, streams, wetlands, forests, tidelands, and unique plant and animal habitat networks. These lands provide ecosystem values such as watershed protection, scenic vistas, and wildlife habitat. The Land Trust works with local and regional partners to acquire land for preserves, parks, trails, and public use or restore lands to enhance natural habitat values. Examples of this ongoing community effort have included Hilltop and the Grand Forest, Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve, Pritchard Park, Agate Passage Preserve, and Cougar Creek Preserve. We also work with willing private landowners to protect their land using land protection agreements called conservation easements while being a partner in these lands’ stewardship.