Bainbridge Chorale

The Bainbridge Chorale began in 1971 when a group of like-minded Bainbridge residents got together to sing and soon after began presenting choral concerts. Since our modest beginnings, we have grown in our scope and mission in ways our founders could never have envisioned. Thousands of voices have joined our adult and youth choirs over the years, sharing music of all genres with ever-growing audiences. Hundreds of our neighbors have enjoyed coming together to participate in our annual community singing events, open to all. But our mission goes beyond hosting events. We offer quality musical education to singers of all ages, and perform professional-level concerts with repertoire ranging from a cappella to choral-orchestral masterworks. We remain committed to our conviction that sharing the act of singing together touches the hearts of all who listen or participate, transcending our differences and evoking a healing sense of our shared humanity.