Arts & Humanities Bainbridge

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB) serves as a dynamic force on Bainbridge Island, fostering connections between the arts, business, and community. AHB oversees the Bainbridge Creative District (BCD) and manages Currents, our online platform spotlighting the island’s arts and culture events.

Through the BCD and Currents, we showcase Bainbridge as a cultural destination, attracting visitors and enriching appreciation for our heritage. Our programs include a robust public art initiative, arts in education, individual artist grants, and a diverse events calendar featuring highlights such as the Spring Asian Arts & Heritage Festival and the Fall Arts Festival.

AHB’s efforts contribute to a vibrant community, where arts and humanities thrive, enhancing our quality of life and reinforcing Bainbridge as an engaging place to live, work, and explore. We facilitate connections and collaborations among cultural organizations, offering support through fiscal sponsorship and grants to emerging artists.