Volunteer & Staff Login

This page provides a link for One Call for All staff, board members, and volunteers to login to OCFA’s file storage facility – which is provided by a tool called XODA. Access to this facility requires a username and password. If you need regular access to OCFA’s files but do not have a username/password please contact the Executive Director by email (bob@onecallforall.org) or by phone at (206) 842-0659.

Officers, committee chairpersons, and other select individuals typically have create/delete/write access to the files while others have the ability to view and download most files. If you need to create, upload (replace) a file on OCFA’s XODA file storage facility please contact the appropriate committee chairperson or the Executive Director. If you do not have access to the facility but need one or more files please contact the ED or the appropriate committee chairperson.