Wilderness Land Trust

The Wilderness Land Trust is headquartered on Bainbridge Island, and works to protect wild places for all Americans, including the residents of the island who enjoy hiking, camping, horseback riding, hunting and fishing in designated or proposed wilderness areas. People live, work and raise their families on Bainbridge Island because of the proximity and access to public lands. Washington’s designated wilderness is a wildlife safe-haven for threatened and endangered species, a reservoir for clean air and water, and an opportunity to experience the profound beauty of nature. Our lands program currently has eight active projects just a short drive from the island, specifically in the Wild Sky Wilderness and Henry M. Jackson Wilderness. Our goal is to systematically acquire private inholdings to remove the threat of residential and resort development, road construction, mining and logging, stitching together the fabric of the wilderness and eventually making it whole for future generations.

Website: www.wildernesslandtrust.org