Hospice Care in Kitsap County (MultiCare Health Foundation)

Respectful, Compassionate End-of-Life Care Sunsets are a testament that endings can be beautiful too. Amid difficult times, thank you for providing care, comfort and compassion to many in your community. When the time for aggressive treatment to cure your illness is over, MultiCare at Home Hospice services are there to help you live as fully and comfortably as possible, with dignity and respect. We also support family, friends and caregivers by answering questions, discussing concerns and offering comfort. Your gift today will have an impact in the lives of those who need Hospice care. Last year, nearly 20% of the patients we served were from Kitsap County. This includes comfort therapy visits ranging from massage, aroma and music therapy as well as reiki.

Website: https://www.multicare.org/hospice/