My family and I stepped onto Bainbridge Island off the Seattle ferry for the first time on the Fourth of July, 1986 when our son was 4 sharonweeks old and our daughter was 2.  It was love at first sight. Within a few years we moved here and quickly got involved with the community.  I have always felt that Bainbridge was not simply a town, it felt more like a Parish.  In the early years while working in the accounting field professionally, I was the Treasurer/Sport Scorekeeper for every group my kids got involved with be it BCNS, Pop Warner Football,  8th Grade banquets, Senior Cruises, LAX and various local charitiesOne year after sitting around with a group of swimmers who talked about swimming around the island, I approached a woman with cancer, talked her into letting us help her fight by swimming around the Island as a show of support and suggested we name this Arms Around Bainbridge. After serving as Treasurer and Kayak paddler for several years for this unique and wonderful group of folks, it was time to move on. Coming upon such a sustainable and nourishing umbrella charity in One Call for All is a perfect fit.  I have been the controller of three successful businesses on Bainbridge, spent eight years as a Business Financial Analyst for the 3M Digital Signage BI office and now have my own accounting business, ControllerOne. My passion and love for this island has found a home.