Bainbridge Pride

While there have long been LGBTQ+ Bainbridge Island residents, the formal Bainbridge Pride organization was started in 2015. The formation of this fellowship is the story of a small group of dedicated residents who transformed home-based social gatherings into a growing LGBTQ+ organization on Bainbridge Island. On June 28, 2015, around two dozen jubilant Islanders – members of the community and allies – gathered at Bainbridge Island’s Waterfront Park with rainbow flags and picnic baskets to celebrate the defeat of DOMA. New friendships formed that day as residents shared their personal stories with each other. Some even admitted that before this day, they had gone years without meeting other LGBTQ+ islanders like them. These candid admissions were enough to inspire the group to become an organization dedicated to bringing people together and making sure the island continues being a safe, accepting and loving place for LGBTQIA individuals, families and allies.