Raise the Bar

Every October, Red Envelopes appear in our mailboxes. Islanders know that it’s time to donate to our favorite local non-profit organizations. Over the last ten years One Call for All has distributed over $10 million to non-profit organizations that touch your family and serve our Island Community. Every dollar received by One Call for All goes directly to the non-profits that you designate.

One Call for All relies on donations that are designated through the red envelope campaign to support its operating fund. Without these generous donations, One Call for All would cease to exist. With only one part-time employee and a few hourly contractors, One Call for All produces and sends out thousands of Red Envelopes, and processes thousands of donations, to support 96 local non-profit organizations. Our expenses for producing, printing and mailing the envelope and its contents come directly from donors like you.

Please consider including One Call for All as one of the non-profits you designate for donations this year.